• Company Overview


Jul. 8 Obtained Performance Certificate for Stair Lifts from the Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA) (No. 15-1560)
Nov. 1 Won the Grand prize for Suwon-si Small and Medium Businessman Award


Feb. 23 Introduced a new product for improved stage accessibility of the elderly and the handicapped (The National Assembly Memorial Hall)
Sep. 29 Best Company Certification from the Korea Technology Finance Corporation (No. NICE-2016-77000517)
Dec. 22 Applied patent for vacuum elevator (10-2016-0176440)


Mar. Received an order for 25 elevators for the Goyang Samsong A4BL project by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Nov. Supplied 17 vertical lifts to Hyundai Elevators / Baegyangsan Dongmun Good Morning Hill.


Jan. 20 Relocated and registered the factory, located at 171-34, Saneop-ro, 156 beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do
Apr. 3 egistered patent for “A ladder with a combined wheelchair-lift function (No. 1383561)”
Jul. 2 Received an order for 14 elevators for the Hwaseong Namyang New Town A-3BL project by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation.
Jul. 8 Obtained Performance Certificate for Stair Lift (No. 15-1156)


Jan. 2 Registered patent for “Wheelchair lift for the disabled (No. 1219634)"
Mar. 13 Applied for utility model patent for “Emergency opening apparatus of safety guard for wheelchair lift (2013-0001858)”
Jul. 31 Received an order for 10 elevators for the Gunwi Seobu Apartment project by the Korea Land & Housing Corporation
Oct. 23 Received an order for 26 elevators for the Asian Culture Complex


Jan. 1 Received an order for 13 inclined lifts from Russia’s Crocus
Mar. 9 Venture Company Certification (No. 2012010751)
Jun. 21 Designated as a Promising Small and Medium Export Company (No. 12 Gyeonggi-160)
Jul. 20 Registered patent (No. 1168998)
Nov. 13 Established a foreign branch in China


Nov. 20 Received an order for elevators in six subway stations, including Jonggak Station, from Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation
Nov. 23 Received INNO-BIZ Certification (No. R5061-0645)


Mar. 2 Renewed K-Mark Certification for MRL (Machine-Room-Less)
Apr. 15 Renewed K-Mark Certification for inclined wheelchair lift
Jun. 7 Received an order for 130 elevators for the elevator replacement project by Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation