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The innovative stair-lift for

your greater convenience on concert stage

Our new product “Stair-lift” can be used as stairs in regular days and can be utilized as a life when the elderly or disabled approach to the stage. Its exceptional function will greatly improve accessibility for elderly and disabled. 

Standard specification

Sortation Stair mode(for non-disabled) Lift mode(for the disabled)
Function Use as a normal stair For wheelchair(motor scooter), stroller, etc.
Control type Controlled by oustide control panel Controlled by the car user
Allowable load 400Kg 320Kg
Operation part - SCREW : DC MOTOR separate/simultaneous control
- TELESCOPIC structure : minimized the installation height of operation part
Safety part - Safety guard : prevents the users from falling
- Safety sensor : senses the horizontal balance of the lift and lower obstacles
- Emergency stop button : inside the car, outside control panel
- FINAL switch : cyts the motor power supply in overruns


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Product information

Sortation Item Unit Specifications
1 Allowable load Kg 320
2 Motor capacity W 600
3 Operation noise dB 55 이하
4 Operation speed m/min 1.6m/min
5 Sustained operation duration m/min 1.6m/min
6 Installation area W*DMM 1,520(W) x 1,600(D)
7 Installation area W*DMM 900(W) x 1,600(D)
8 Console panel inside the lift Control stick, emergency stop
9 Assistant console panel Console panel key, ascend/descoend button, Emergency stop, stairs/lift switch button
10 Operation type Screw
11 Driving type Button presing
12 Control type PLC
13 Operation part stopper SELF LOCK-250KG/개
14 Handrail Wood
15 Side handrail Mild steel powdered painting
16 Car bottom Aluminum checker plate
17 Car side cover Aluminum checker plate
18 Slope Aluminum checker plate
19 Safety button Emergency stop button(inside the lift, assistant console panel)
Snesor button for checking underneath the lift
Sensor button for obstacles in the stairs crack
19 Charging power V AC 220V, Single-phase
20 Battery V DC12V, 70A
21 Charger V AC 220V → DC24V, 5A
22 Power supply V AC 220V → DC24V, 1,200W