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The more efficient and economical product compare to 

normal elevator for disabled and eldery.

Vertical wheelchair lift of shinwoo Frontier Co.,Ltd is more efficient and economicl option than normal elevators. This product does not require any structural changes to the site and takes up only minimal installation space which will help tremendously when it come to those who are having difficulites with stairs such as disabled and elderly.


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Product information

Sortation Material and specification
Operation type Rope indirect hydraulic pressure method (fork type)
Rated speed 7m/min
Rated load 340Kg
Main power supply AC 220V single-phase, 60Hz, 30A
Motor AC 2,2kw, 1720rpm
Elevator Standard 950(W) x 1450(D) x 1050(H)
Material Cold low carbon steel pipe / Cold low carbon steel plate
Painting Powdered painting (color : hammer tone ivory)
Control method PLC control
Pump 2.2CC/rev.
Cylinder ∮ 50
Pit(PIT) S Type 1435(W) x 1480(D) x 150(H)
EN Type 1575.5(W) x 1600(D) x 75(H)
Strokes S Type Below S type 2000m
EN Type below 40000mm
MAST Standard 820(W) x 300(D) x (H)