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Inclined Wheelchair Lift
SWL 2-225kg / SWL 2-300kg

The first product in Korea to obtain the performance certificate from the SMBA, certified by DNV International Safety Standard. The first product in Korea that is equipped with automatic wheelchair crash stopper. 

Inclined wheelchair lift of Shinwoo Frontier Co., Ltd is manufactured strictly under the local/international legal standards including KS B 6825, ISO 9386-2 and etc. It is the only product that obtained Best Performance Certificate from the SMBA within Korea. Its quality and performance is proven by the Korean Certificate Mark(a.k.a K Mark)and has won many awards. Our lift is a perfect fit for public buildings when it comes to stairs to help elderly and disable person.


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Product information

Sortation SWL2-225kg SWL2-300kg
Rated load 225kg 300kg
Rated speed 225kg
Main power supply AC 220V single-phase
Power 1.5KW(2HP), 2.2KW(3HP) 2.2KW(3HP), 3.7KW(5HP)
Operation part Standard Size : 1,100(H) x 700(W) x 285(D)
Material : STS304
Motor Internal brake 220V, 3∮, 60HZ
Platform 800(W) x 1,050(L) 800(W) x 1,250(L) : effective width(1,250)
800(W) x 1,150(L)
800(W) x 1,250(L)
Non-slip rubber pad attached Aluminum pattern steel plate
Operation available with assistant remote control(optional) Operation available with assistant remote control
Electric lamp and platform Electric lamp and platform
Automatic wheelchair crash stopper
Self-weight : 85kg Reinforced strength → load carrying structure
Self-weight : 150kg
Crash stopper Manual installation Automatic, internal
Safety guard Manual Manual(standard)
Manual & automatic (optional)
Console Size : 250x130, Material : STS304 Size : 300x280, Material : STS304
Push button, No interphone Touch button
Digital floor no. indicator, interphone
Trolley structure High strength steel plate, load reduction structure
Vertical / horizontal runway Outer diameter : 50mm, Thickness : 3mm, Material : STS304
Vertical / horizontal runway : 600mm
support fixture Size : 50x50x3t, Material : STS304 Size : 70x70x4t, Material : STS304
Vertical runway gap 100mm
Rope Outer di. 8mm galvanized(KSD7010) Outer di. 10mm galvanized(KSD7010)
Rupture load-above 4,300kg Rupture load-above 6,900kg
Safety device Stops whem touches lamp or floor obstacles
Operation unavailable if lamp is open
Over speed prevention Over speed prevention
Automatic wheelchair crash stopper
Control type PLC control, semiautomatic PLC control, full automatic