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World-best design and technology with KT Mark

Portable Wheelchair Lift

Our company’s portable wheelchair lift is a SMBA technical innovation development task that obtained KT(Excellent Korean Technolngy) Mark by the Ministry of Science and Technology and has the world-best design standard and various functions. with a simple help from the guardian, users can move freely on the ground, stairs, or anywhere on the lift. It is an innovative and eco-friendly product that uses battery as its power.

An electric wheelchair lift powered by battery

Stair ship works smoothly at narraw passages and stairs in schools or other public build.

Safety features

· If the guardian lets go of the control handle, the automatic brake immediately operates. 
· The lift starts operating only when the seat belt is securely locked. 
· An emergency button is attached so that you can stop the lift during emergency. 

Useful features

· You may use electric wheelchair along with our product. 
· You can easily attach and detach wheelchair to the lift. 
· Sealed lead acid battery that needs no maintenance is used. 
· The lift can be recharged with 115/230V electricity and the power is automatically shut off when fully charged. 


Product information

Maximum live load 200Kg(One person and one wheelchair)
Self-weight 115Kg(Includes battery pack)
Size(mm) 1258*757*1319
Battery 24V-24Ah
Duration 40 min/one charge
Ascending speed Speed 6.45m/min
Descending speed Speed 8.81m/min
Maximum climbing angle 35℃